Monday, 31 August 2015

North Otago Hockey

On Saturday some girls from St Joseph's and some other Oamaru schools went to play in Cromwell for the North Otago Under 13 team. We played two games and played well in both. The first game we lost 2-1 to Eastern Southland and the second gome we won 2-0 against Invercargil. I hope we do well in Timaru this weekend.

Here is a picture of the girls form St Joseph's. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Wishes to have fun in her life and go on wild adventures.
Dreams of living life to the fullest.  
Wants to be a Customs Dog Handler or a Police Detective . 
Wonders about why birds can fly? 
Fears bees will sting her forever.    
Afraid of people lying to her.
Likes sports and outdoor activities. 
Believes  that everyone has the ability to succeed .
Loves being around her friends and family.  
Plans to work with her dog so we can be the best we can be. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Steampunk Essay


Image getting in a time machine and going to 1827, what would you see it would be some weird and come going back to 2015 and telling all your friends what saw. You would tell your friend about the steampunk they would ask what is steampunk and you would say. Is a wacky, fun, and interesting way that people express themselves through art in a unique way.’Steampunk is a mix of the ld and the new’ (Huffington post what is steampunk.) 

Steampunk is a 1800s (the victorian era) way that people thought the future would be like without ELECTRICITY with just steam for power. ‘Steampunk is  science fiction and fantasy.’ ( Steampunk was first created in the 1800s but people still do it today and that brings me to my key questions. What would the world look like if it was steampunk based? And what is the history of Steampunk HQ in Oamaru?

If our world was steampunk based, what would the buildings be like? And what would the world be like? Would we have technology? And how would people get their news?

If our world was steampunk the buildings would be made  of old rusted metal with not very many windows. Most of the buildings would be dark and cold inside. Our world would be different outside too. As steampunk is steam powered the world would be very polluted. Smoke would fill the air and lots of people would get sick. Plants wouldn't grow very well because of the pollution. We wouldn’t have any technology, no computers, no ipods, no phones and no internet. The way people would get news is newspapers and also a town crier, who is a person, would stand in the town centre and yell out the news. 

Steampunk is used today in movies and as art work. One of the towns it is used in is Oamaru. Oamaru it a great town to have Steampunk in because of its Victorian buildings. Oamaru is a small town on the East Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. Oamaru has a lots of old Victorian buildings. One of them is Steampunk HQ, which is where steampunk art is displayed today.

This brings me to my second question of what is the history of Steampunk HQ?
 Back in the 1800 Steampunk HQ was called Meeks Grain Elevator watch was a great five story building which at the time was the tallest building in New Zealand.It was started in 1881 and was finished in 1883. ‘The building was an unusual shape the front was a trapezium and back portion was rectangular.’ (Otago Daily Times Meek’s all smoke and rivets)   'It was the only five story building of its kind in the south hemisphere.' ( Back then a

Oamaru was a thriving town because of it's crops. People thought that oamaru could be the capital of New Zealand. 'Oamaru was bigger than Los Angeles at the time ,( But Meek Grain Elevator  wasn't used for very long because in 1882 the first lamb was shipped on the SS Dunedin. This was when most crop farms in North Otago became meat farms and Meeks Grain Elevator became abandoned. Later on January 20th 1920 at 5:30am a massive fire started and the fire took the top two stories off.

In conclusion we now know that if our world was steampunk it would be polluted and we would be better off living in a world like the one we live in. We have also learnt about steampunk in Oamaru and how Steampunk HQ came to be. I think that steampunk is a cool way of expressing your self and I would like see steampunk in more towns across the world.

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