Monday, 31 August 2015

North Otago Hockey

On Saturday some girls from St Joseph's and some other Oamaru schools went to play in Cromwell for the North Otago Under 13 team. We played two games and played well in both. The first game we lost 2-1 to Eastern Southland and the second gome we won 2-0 against Invercargil. I hope we do well in Timaru this weekend.

Here is a picture of the girls form St Joseph's. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Wishes to have fun in her life and go on wild adventures.
Dreams of living life to the fullest.  
Wants to be a Customs Dog Handler or a Police Detective . 
Wonders about why birds can fly? 
Fears bees will sting her forever.    
Afraid of people lying to her.
Likes sports and outdoor activities. 
Believes  that everyone has the ability to succeed .
Loves being around her friends and family.  
Plans to work with her dog so we can be the best we can be.