Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mischief and Mayhem book review



Edited By: Barbara Else

Illustrations By: Philip Webb

This book has mischief.

This book has mayhem.

This book has 30 weird and wonderful New Zealand stories.

Mischief and Mayhem is an entertaining book of 30 short stories written by different New Zealand authors.

The main idea of the book is to make you laugh. One of my favourite stories in this book is
‘The Worlds Worst Jersey’
by Rachel Hayward.
The story is about a boy whose great aunt sent him a hand knitted jersey for his birthday. The aunt had knitted it for him and he didn’t really like it very much. Then he finds out that his great aunt is coming to stay with his family. So his mum makes him wear the jersey to surprise his great aunt. He decides to hide the jersey, several different times. However his brother tells on him. What will happen next? To find out you will just have to read the book.

I liked this book because all the stories are different and if you don’t like a story you can move on to the next story or quickly read it anyway. However a disadvantage of this book is when you are reading this book and then you stop (to go to sleep) and then pick it up the next night there is no excitement or anticipation of what is going to happen next because they are all short stories and you are able to finish each story before you go to sleep. But over all I thought this book was really good because of all the different stories.

I think the message of the book was to entertain and get the reader to laugh at normal everyday Kiwi things. It is a book written by New Zealand authors and it is teaching us the New Zealand way of life and to always try and have fun.

By: Maddison


  1. You made a very good point about the disadvantage of short stories - how there isn't the anticipation and excitement when you pick the book up again. Also a good point about the New Zealand themes - its a celebration of New Zealand life!

  2. Well done Maddie. Sounds like a good laugh

  3. you're brilliant at building suspense