Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Hi everyone, its 2015 and school been back for 2 weeks now. Its really fun in our new leadership roles in the school. If you want to see the role we got you can see the St Josephs new blog chick on the lick at the bottom.

We also are working in our hub a lot and in our learning groups, the main thing we are focusing on is learning to learn. The year 8s each lead a learning group with three to four year 7s and 6s in it.
We are also doing swimming 3 to 4 times a week which is fun but tiring. I'm looking forward to swimming sports in week 4 or 5 and the year 8 leadership retreat next week.
So I would like to wish everyone a fun 2015 bye for now



  1. i love your writing nice work keep on trying you well success in the future

    my name is oscar i am from saint pius x school in glen iness i am year 8

  2. Good to see your roll as House captain. Hope you enjoyed your swimming this year and the leadership retreat.