Thursday, 12 March 2015



I stumble down the long dusty path, watching the wind blow the remainders of what once was a town full of life. I took a few more painful steps, the memories came flooding back. I remember playing in that playground, swimming in that pool. I felt sad for a moment. But I knew I had to get out of this place. This scary place, this horrible place. Before it returned.

By: Maddison



  1. Hello Maddsion:)
    My name is Sonya, & I'm from St. Pius X Catholic School.
    Your teacher Mr Moore had told us alot of interesting things
    you guys do. Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
    I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing.
    I hope to see more of your exciting adventure & Learning,
    And I hope we can get to know each other better!!
    Sonya xx

  2. A descriptive piece of writing Maddison. I agree with Sonya, keep sharing your learning.I also look forward to reading more.