Tuesday, 31 March 2015

St Peter In Holy Week

Peter was one from Jesus’s disciples. His name was Simon until Jesus changed it to Peter which means rock. Peter was the first Pope but he wasn't always good. when the guards came to take Jesus away they asked Peter if he knew Jesus. Peter was scared for his life so Peter denied he knew Jesus 3 times.

Peter wasn’t very resilient when he denied Jesus. A life lesson you can learn from Peter is to be resilient and not be scared and believe in Jesus that he will save us. I think that Peter should have said that he knew Jesus, but it would be hard because he could die.

By: Maddison


  1. It was definitely a hard decision for Peter to make, Maddison - that is a very thoughtful statement. You have thought deeply about this. You have also cleverly told the story of Peter, and the lessons you have learned from his actions. Tremendous!

  2. hello i am oscar from saint pius x at glen innes

    nice work keep up on trying

  3. HI Maddison, this is a really good writing, I like how you explain abut Peters life. You have wrote very clear about the time when Jesus got arrested. Hope to see more work. Keep up good work! :)